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It is capable of sweeping, cleaning and flushing of urban auxiliary roads, secondary main roads, and some main roads, and intelligent-driving sweeping, cleaning, flushing and suction by auxiliary sucker in places such as parks, scenic routes, squares, high-speed rail/airport areas, industrial parks, schools and communities, as well as narrow areas such as alleys and commercial blocks.


Suction & sweeping mode
Local spot cleaning mode
Suction & sweeping by auxiliary sucker mode
Efficient combined mode of suction, sweeping & flushing

It is new energy-powered and electric
It creates less noise and works efficiently

It can operate continuously for over 8.5h
It has a climbing ability of 25% or above
It has a cleaning capacity of over 400g/㎡

It can be intelligently driverless
It has an optional L4 self-driving module,
under which self-driving and human driving can be seamlessly switched from each other
A 5G communications module is optional